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New 7 ton tow tractor from Jungheinrich

14 May 2008

Jungheinrich has announced details of a new tow tractor that it plans to launch this summer. The EZS 570 will be built at the Group's Specials Factory at Lüneburg, Germany, and will feature 3-phase AC technology to ensure that it combines excellent performance with high energy efficiency. The EZS 570 has been designed to be both versatile and economic: it can move trailers weighing up to seven tons and can be fitted with different couplings making it adjustable to virtually any trailer type. As an option a semi-automatic remote uncoupling device is offered that allows the operator to couple and uncouple trailers without leaving the operator platform. The new tow tractor is equipped with a powerful 48-volt drive motor that provides powerful acceleration as well as a high top speed. At the same time, the maintenance-free 3-phase AC motor saves energy which means that the EZS 570 offers a significantly prolonged operating time compared to other tractors in the same class. The robust construction of the EZS 570 makes it suitable for the harshest environments. For example, its chassis is made from 8mm steel plate, while an extra high chassis apron ensures the operator's safety. The tow tractor is fitted with 'SpeedControl' and an automatically activated electric brake. The electronic SpeedControl function allows the operator to set his or her preferred travel speed from one of three adjustable programmes, which the tractor will then travel at constantly – regardless of gradients. In addition, the electric parking brake activates automatically when the tractor stops, enabling the operator to approach gradients safely. The brake is released automatically on starting the tractor so that it cannot roll back. A low step-in chassis allows comfortable operator entry and exit while the operator has plenty of legroom when seated – despite the tractor's small dimensions. In fact, the tractor's size and small turning circle makes it highly manoeuvrable and therefore particularly suitable for work in warehouses or production facilities where space is at a premium. www.jungheinrich.co.uk

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