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Vitronic's Handheld Portable Scanner

12 May 2008

Vitronic's eagerly anticipated portable handheld camera scanner, VICAM-mobile, is now available. Using this device, operators can scan labels on parcels and pallets, and quickly identify customer related data. This ensures the quick, accurate routing of parcels and means individual items are traceable. VICAM-mobile reduces manual handling requirements and improves parcel handling efficiency. It weighs just 800g, has ergonomic controls and is comfortable to hold, meaning operators can work longer and more efficiently. Malcolm Smith, UK Sales Manager at Vitronic, is delighted; "VICAM-mobile is a groundbreaking product. Its high-speed, auto-focus, line-scan camera captures high-resolution, photographic images of parcel labels within a 300mm x 300mm area. The system automatically identifies the relevant data (regions of interest) and interprets it using optical character recognition (OCR) techniques and sophisticated software. Unlike traditional handheld laser scanners, VICAM-mobile reads damaged or incomplete barcodes, supplier numbers and human written addresses." The handheld VICAM-mobile is cost effective, compact and ideal for processing irregularly shaped parcels. Reliable and hardwearing, it is suitable for tough, industrial applications. VICAM-mobile boasts a read rate of 99.9% and operates up to 20 times faster than laser scanners. If VICAM-mobile detects an unreadable label, it sends the image to a videocoding terminal via a quick, intelligent network, where an operator manually enters the information. This saves diverting the parcel off the line for later sorting. Malcolm continued; "The handheld VICAM-mobile is now available for demonstration and purchase. It is easy to implement, user-friendly and compatible with VIPAC, Vitronic's popular camera-based parcel recognition system. It will be popular with warehouses, post depots and distribution centres that want to reduce costs and increase efficiency." For more information visit

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