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M Netics launches next generation proof of delivery solution

27 May 2011

Mobile solution provider M-Netics today launched its IM2 ePOD next generation proof of delivery (PoD) solution at an event in Solihull. The solution is set to improve efficiency and enhance customer service at logistics operations throughout the UK and beyond.

At the launch, a leading courier company outlined the improved operational efficiency it has seen from the solution and its contribution towards an improved bottom line. In addition, M-Netics released findings from exclusive research that show 54% of UK logistics businesses believe integration of systems would realise the greatest improvements to efficiency and 43% believe out of date technology is the biggest barrier to such savings.

M-Netics IM2 ePOD integrates proof of delivery with fleet management, CRM and communications systems. Using advanced GPS tracking, the next generation solution enables logistics managers to track job progress to improve customer service, and boost security, while streamlining post-delivery processes such as invoicing.

John Coon, managing director, M-Netics said: "Research has shown that delivery accounts for about 17% of a logistics budget. For even a medium sized business, that can run into six figures. By making that last leg more efficient, more cost-effective, greener and better for the customer, IM2 ePOD delivers an incredibly fast ROI. IM2 has already proven invaluable to our customers and we are confident that the market is now ready for this next generation proof of delivery technology."

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