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Norbert Dentressangle goes sustainable with Isotrak in vehicle tracking and software


10 May 2011

Expanding supply chain specialist Norbert Dentressangle has selected Isotrak, the UK leader in vehicle tracking and software solutions, to provide a state-of-the-art telematics system to deliver an improved greener performance and more effectively manage fleet costs.

Isotrak's Active Transport Management System (ATMS) including CANBus Driving Style Module, proved the ideal choice following a live operational project involving Isotrak's unique Transport Efficiency Analysis (TEA). The system demonstrated how Norbert Dentressangle could meet its environmental goals with significant savings on fuel, improved vehicle utilisation and a reduction in CO2 emissions. With the capability to provide benefits across the fleet, Norbert Dentressangle has commenced the installation by fitting 400 vehicles with Isotrak's ATMS solution and is looking to complete the rollout as soon as possible to maximise potential savings in 2011.

To ensure that its 8,000 strong European vehicle fleet operates safely and efficiently, Norbert Dentressangle has a group wide Safe Driving Plan. In the UK this will be supported by ATMS, and it will also allow the business to explore every avenue to enhance operational efficiency, helping to ensure customers are supported with a cost-effective and reliable distribution service. The solution provides enhanced, automated visibility of vehicle movement and location and integrates seamlessly with existing customer planning systems, alerting managers if issues occur. This will enable Norbert Dentressangle to set new standards in proactivity by managing its operational performance and maximising the accuracy of planned deliveries. It will be a key tool within the company's Plan-Do-Review process, which enables the company to respond to what actually happened and improve planning for the next day.

Isotrak's Driving Stylemodule presents a complete picture of the driver's performance by monitoring parameters such as throttle opening, brake actuation, use of cruise control and idling time. The data is analysed to provide a simple "red, amber, green" scorecard to be used in daily driver debriefs, which take place after each journey. This valuable tool highlights where individuals might benefit from training as well as recognising superior skills where they already exist.

With such advanced functionality in place, Norbert Dentressangle will be in a position to extend its management control beyond each depot, allowing it to react to real time events and quickly respond to customer requirements.

Achieving the daily balance between cost and service is the on-going challenge within the supply chain, but Isotrak provides Norbert Dentressangle with another tool to achieve this goal. Automated utilisation and the implementation of driver scorecards will be pivotal in changing management aspects and with a new debrief process put in place at each depot, managers and drivers will be able to see how their involvement will ultimately contribute to a more sustainable distribution process while reducing the carbon footprint.

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