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A newcomer to the Technifor laser range of Gravotech Group

Technifor, world-wide leader for marking and traceability, expands its laser offering by integrating a new technology: the TG400 green laser.

With its 532nm wavelength, this new marking solution permits marking of materials that do not interact with other classic laser equipment (using near-infrared.1064nm) such as Yag, YVO4,Fibre or CO2.

This solution is driven by Technifor’s desire to answer specific market needs: medical, electronics, electrical, plastics… and to enable the marking of sensitive materials such as silicon, reflective metals (copper, silver, gold…), printed circuit , ceramics and a wide range of plastics.

Exceptionally fine (30 µm) the beam delivers unparalleled marking quality, perfect for small characters and Data Matrix™ codes. The TG400 laser enables surface marking with reduced heat-affected zone, avoiding material damage or distortion.

Driving the TG400 green laser, software specifically developed by Gravotech Group helps the implementation of identification and traceability in any production process.

Intuitive and efficient, the operator communicates in a few clicks with databases, imports codes (barcode, Data Matrix™, QR code), images and logos.

With this new marking solution, Gravotech group is positioning the Technifor brand, well-known for its dot marking expertise and undeniable know-how, as a global laser player.

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