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Air Technical Industries material handling develop new mechanical scissor lift tables

Ergonomic work positioning device protects customers’ parts

Air Technical Industries has developed a new series of mechanical scissor lift tables with a wooden butcher block top.

The tubular scissor design provides structural stability, safety, and is
lightweight for mobility. The wooden butcher block top is fastened to a
metal frame to prevent warping and provide ample support for the load.
The butcher block provides a soft touch and compatibility with lifting
many products.

Lifting operation is offered with a choice between two different
mechanical systems. One is an acme screw-type lift and the other is a
cable winch-type lift with a worm gear drive that keeps the load at any
position desired without drifting. The manual crank handle is
conveniently located at working height and the crank handle has a molded
plastic grip for comfort and safety.

Models are available with capacities from 250 to 1,000 pounds, deck
sizes from 24" x 36" up to 36" x 96" and raised heights up to 87" when
installed on wheels.

The unit can be used stationary or can be installed on non-marking
phenolic wheels and casters for mobility. When mobile, a floor lock is
provided and it also includes two push/pull handles.

For ease in height adjustment when the load height needs to be
frequently adjusted, the lift tables are available electro-mechanically
powered by 110 volts AC single-phase power providing effortless operation.

In special applications, with smaller units installed on machines, on
workbenches or for laboratory work, the lifting operation can be ratchet
operated on an acme screw-type model.

A metal deck is available where the wooden butcher block is not appropriate.

These mechanical scissor lift tables are an ideal tool for assembly work
where different heights of components or operators need adjustment. This
mobile ergonomic table can be used in any work environment. It is a
great tool to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce worker
fatigue. They are economically priced so that every workstation can
benefit from one.

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