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Aisle Master forklifts enabled supply chain provider Primeline to increase storage space

Three AC electric Aisle-Masters have enabled Ireland’s premier logistics and supply chain provider Primeline available storage space at its distribution centre by an extra 2,000 pallet spaces.
1,000 kg to 11.4m

Primeline quickly needed extra warehouse capacity to accommodate much higher volumes of stock after winning a new contract. The Aisle-Masters’ ability to work in narrow aisles allowed the rows of racking to be increased from 20 to 26 in the existing storage area, improving pallet density to such an extent that any need for costly and disruptive relocation was avoided. Lifting 1,000kg to a height of 11.4m is a tall order for an articulated truck, but Aisle-Master engineers at the manufacturing facility in Monaghan modified the design of Primeline’s fleet to meet this requirement.

Best articulated truck on the market

Primeline’s Warehouse Manager David Preston: "we were aware of the space saving benefits of the articulated system and we trialled various brands. Our drivers were unanimous in their choice of the Aisle-master. They appreciated the smooth and effortless operation and were particularly impressed with the steady mast controls when lifting and lowering loads from the highest pallet positions."
2,000 extra pallet spaces

The new system has been up and running for a few months now and David Preston is delighted: "We needed a very quick turnaround and Aisle-Master delivered the goods. The trucks have boosted our storage capacity from 6,000 to 8,000 pallet spaces, and the operating environment is very comfortable and safe for our drivers."

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