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AITT and Crown Forklift Trucks clarify training categorisation for Crown Wave

One of the UK’s leading accreditation bodies – the AITT – has announced the outcome of important discussions with Crown Lift Trucks to ensure that trainees receive the appropriate qualifications for operating the Crown Wave.

As a result, instructors and accrediting bodies should view the wave as a high level order picker.

AITT General Manager Dave Sparrow explains: “There has been some confusion among Registered Training Providers (RTPs) on the most appropriate type of training. A significant number of instructors saw the Wave as a Mobile Elevating Lift Platform (MEWP) but this Association was convinced that the equipment should instead be classed as a medium or high level order picker.

“Because there is currently no structured method whereby manufacturers, suppliers, users and training providers can agree how a particular machine should be aligned, the potential exists for disagreements and misunderstandings regarding operator training.

To resolve the issue and give much needed clarity for the entire industry we entered into discussion with Crown who confirmed that the Wave should indeed be viewed, for training purposes as an order picker.”

Speaking on behalf of Crown Lift Trucks, Operations Director Mike Knowles said: “The Wave is a unique product that fulfils a number of functions and therefore defies categorisation. However, training must be provided and competency tested by a qualified trainer and, so, because the Wave was intended to be an industrial truck, Crown prefers training to be biased towards a high level order picker.”

The AITT has passed this information to other members of the Accrediting Bodies Association and is calling for some form of collaboration between manufacturers and the ABA to discuss and agree on categories for new machinery before it enters the workplace.

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