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BT Lifter hand pallet truck gives a helping hand at Fulham allotments

Members of a local allotment in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham have clubbed together to buy their own hand pallet truck, a BT Lifter hand pallet truck.

Run by volunteers, Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment Association has 406 plots
and an onsite shop supplying essentials for the allotment’s 1000 members.

The shop receives a weekly delivery of supplies including fertiliser and
composted manure both heavy to move but needed throughout the site. The
Traditional wheel barrows used for many years have now been replaced with
the BT Lifter hand pallet truck, allowing heavier loads to be transported
around the site with ease.

Members donated funds to the allotment to enable the new piece of equipment
to be bought.

Theo Antipas, Trading Secretary at Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment
Association said: "The allotment was a gift from the bishop of London in
1916 and plays a vital role in local life in Fulham. When we were looking
for an alternative to using wheel barrows for our deliveries Toyota had the
ideal product and the members decided to club together to buy it. The BT
Lifter has enabled us to move essential supplies around the site quickly,
safely and without fuss."

Sam Coles, Commercial Director Toyota Material Handling UK said: "As a
social hub in the area the allotment has a great impact on the community, by
supplying them with a BT Lifter hand pallet truck we have helped members to
move essential supplies to their plots without the strain of using a wheel

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