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Convert2Green sustainable energy solutions win recycling contract with Tamar Foods

Carbon saved is equivalent to driving 77,478 miles in a petrol car

Convert2Green has won a contract with Tamar Foods, the manufacturer of hot and cold pies and hand-crimped pasties, to collect and turn waste cooking oil into carbon savings – 26,420 kilograms of CO2 per annum.

Convert2Green will collect waste oil weekly from the Tamar Foods’ site in Callington, Cornwall, and recycle it in to high quality bio-fuel, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%.

"We produce thousands of litres of waste cooking oil per annum – which might otherwise go to landfill and may even cause environmental problems," said Thomas Parrott, health & safety and environment officer, Tamar Foods.

"Working on a waste oil to energy recycling initiative enables us to achieve a number of key environmental objectives which makes the most sense from a food manufacturer’s point of view.

"Convert2Green visits us every week to pick up the used oil- and that oil is refined to be used in bio-diesel which is used to fuel generators in public buildings such as the Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust. The hospital runs a bio-fuel combined heat and power system (CHP) for its state of the art Cornwall Food Production Unit, which produces Cornish food for patients residing in hospitals in Cornwall. It’s a win for us, the environment and the local community."

Convert2Green also works in partnership with other key clients in the food and hospitality industry, including Robinson’s pubs and Cygnet Foods, to reduce their carbon emissions and cut costs.

"It’s great that food manufacturers think about the disposal of waste cooking oil as it’s used in large quantities by food manufacturers such as Tamar. By allowing Convert2Green to refine it, the waste to energy cycle passes on carbon savings through the supply chain," said Deb Webb, business development manager, Convert2Green.

"Many of our customers find that initiatives of this kind are giving them a real competitive edge in the marketplace, as buyers are looking to their supply chain to provide real carbon savings through their procurement strategies."

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