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Culina Logistics simplifies its pallet management function

Culina Logistics has selected best of breed 2ic Software to streamline operations and help reduce pallet related costs.

Managing pallets can be a frustrating task, but now with the availability of 2ic Software, it no longer need be. When award-winning service provider Culina Logistics Limited recently looked to simplify its pallet management function, it selected best of breed 2ic Software to streamline operations and help reduce pallet related costs. Such an undertaking is no small feat for a major company such as Culina Logistics, operating from nine strategically located ambient and chilled distribution centres across the UK. An additional layer of complexity, Culina uses both CHEP and IPP Logipal as pallet suppliers.

"The fact that we are running multiple suppliers, including both IPP Logipal and CHEP, has had no ill effects on 2ic at all," stated Ian Turner, 2ic project manager for Culina Logistics. "Setting up and maintaining the suppliers is as easy as setting up a new delivery point or trading partner, and 2ic is able to report on the multiple pallet movements as a whole or individually with ease." Reporting to multiple pallet suppliers can be easily achieved through 2ic Software, eliminating the need to utilize supplier-specific software.

"In terms of time savings, the benefits to the Pallet Controller have been massive," Ian continued. The entering and importing of pallet movements have been seamlessly integrated into a number of other logical departments, so the Pallet Controller now has the time to reconcile, invoice and report on pallet movements in a more proactive manner. In essence, the time-consuming data entry part of the job has been removed, allowing time to concentrate on reporting and reconciliation of pallets. "I can say with confidence we are much more capable of checking our invoice and, where necessary, disputing pallet charges with CHEP," he added.

"I want to emphasize the fact that we can eliminate manual processing, giving equipment managers the opportunity to manage and concentrate on reducing costs," emphasized Peter Clarke, Sales Manager for 2ic Software, UK and Ireland.

"Saving money is a key to any business success in the current climate, and 2ic is the least expensive and most efficient tool for the supply chain to take control of pallet cost," Peter observed. "2ic offers businesses a choice of which suppliers and products they want to work with, without compromising daily operations. 2ic maintains its standard processes while allowing for multiple products and suppliers to be managed from one central application."

"2ic is simple to implement in all sized businesses whether simple or highly complex – as in the case of Culina Logistics," Peter concluded.

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