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Department for Transport publishes provisional Ports statistics.

The Department has published National Statistics on provisional figures for freight traffic at UK major ports for the first quarter of 2009, according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

The provisional figures for freight traffic at each major UK port in Quarter 1 2009 are based on those ports which had made returns for Q1 2009 at the time of publication. Only one port had not yet reported, and so these figures are based on almost 100 per cent of total expected traffic.

The provisional figures show that for those ports for which data for Q1 2009 had been provided at the time of compilation.

The DfT has also published the first stand-alone web bulletin in a new National Statistics series, presenting monthly data on new registrations of vehicles and quarterly data on licensed vehicle numbers in Great Britain.

The DfT will now publish new vehicle registrations every month and licensed stock vehicle numbers every quarter, with a consolidated bulletin annually. A statistical news release will be issued alongside each of the annual bulletins, but not alongside subsequent monthly or quarterly web bulletins.

The full report is at the end of this little link.


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