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Dolav plastic pallets and boxes now supplies direct

Formerly its products were only available from distributors. Dolav Direct now offers more choice, faster service and customisation. Dolav customers in UK, Ireland, Benelux, France, Germany and Israel can now buy direct from Dolav in these countries from substantial local stock holding for quick delivery especially of standard Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes and plastic pallets.

For customised products, Dolav Direct customers now have access direct to Dolav for specially engineered pallet boxes. Although not at standard product prices, customised Dolav products can transform production processes and save or avoid large capital cost expenditure making a customised Dolav even better value for money. Remarkably, Dolav Direct offers customisation on small order quantities which is a huge benefit to customers of all sizes.

Solid HDPE walls vs. Twin Skin & PU Core
Dolav is pleased to confirm that its HDPE low-pressure injection moulded plastic totally rejects contamination and water and is easily cleaned to food hygiene standards. However, twin skin PU foam core rotationally moulded PE walls can harbour contamination and water adding weight, if damaged.

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