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EZstrip cake pump from NOV MONO cuts the time and cost on maintenance

EZstrip cake pumpSpecifically designed to minimise the time and cost involved in maintaining a progressing cavity pump, the new EZstripTM cake pump from Mono can be completely stripped down and rebuilt in just 15 minutes, without the need to disconnect or remove any pipe work.

Simon Lambert, Mono’s general manager for Europe, commented: "We were overwhelmed with the positive response we received from our customers following the launch of the original EZstripTM and we immediately began looking at other applications for this revolutionary technology.

"With over 18 years experience in sludge cake applications, our decision to develop the new EZstripTM cake pump was an obvious one. The new pump features a specifically designed feed chamber that is disconnected by removing only a few screws and allows access to the pin joint area for removal of any blockages or compressed cake. Once the rotor assembly is disconnected from the screw conveyor, the rotor and stator can be removed – all in just six minutes which we think is remarkable by any standards."

The EZstripTM cake pump is designed with a large auger inlet and screw conveyor. The screw conveyor extends to the compression area to help push the sludge cake into the cavities of the rotor and stator and provide consistent pumping. A side inlet port also allows the addition of thin sludge for blending applications or for draining the pump.

The range is available in cast iron, with a choice of rotor and stator materials as well as a variety of hopper sizes and has a capacity of up to 49 m3/h and 24 bar pressure. Typical applications include thickened sludge cake (up to 40% dry solids content), dewatered sludge, lime powder dosing, sludge blending and barrier layer injection.

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