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GreenRoad Exhibit at Brake Fleet Safety Conference

GreenRoad, the leading provider of driver behaviour and fleet management solutions, appeared at the annual Brake Fleet Safety Conference on May 26.

Visitors to the event at the St John’s Hotel in Solihull were shown the advantages of GreenRoad Mobile, the award-winning driver behaviour app.

The app acts as a ‘coach in the cab’, warning drivers when they stray from a safe, smooth driving style while also alerting fleet managers about risky driving.

Launched last year, it works on a smartphone or tablet device and is ideally suited for fleets in which vehicles are leased, or owned by individual drivers, as no hard-wiring is required.

Dougie Portwood, Director of Strategic Programme Management: “GreenRoad Mobile brings all of the benefits of our successful hard-wired driver behaviour solution into a single app that is highly portable and easy to use on a mobile device.

“Mobile technology is fast outpacing hard-wired solutions and GreenRoad Mobile will make driver behaviour solutions more readily available to a wider range of fleets.

“Many van drivers, for instance, do not have professional driver training yet the even a minor accident can result in disruption to a business and damage to its reputation. A major accident can be ruinous.”

Simple tabs on GreenRoad Mobile will reveal accident hotspots, idling hotspots, and driver safety scores both individually and across the fleet. GreenRoad incentivises drivers by awarding Fleet Elite status to those who demonstrate a safe driving style during 500 hours on the road.

By warning drivers in real time while they are behind the wheel, GreenRoad Mobile ingrains good driving habits, leading to sustainable positive change in the long term. By reducing risky driving manoeuvres, accident-related costs reduce, fuel costs drop and companies benefit from improved fuel economy as a smoother driving style is more fuel-efficient.

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