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Heavy duty ride on sweeper launched by Nilfisk

Nilfisk has launched a top flight heavy duty ride on sweeper designed for the Industrial market.

The SR2000 ride on sweeper is of steel construction and has a maximum sweeping width of 198 cm. Ease of operation and speed were the main considerations within the development program.

The sweeper is capable of transporting over 800kg of debris which can then be dumped up to a height of 152cm.

Extremely large water resistant filters control dust to a size of 1 micron. For ease of use no tools are required to change the panel filters.

The machines are available in Diesel, LPG and Petrol and all come with power steering and an adjustable suspension seat with lower back support. 53cm industrial tyres are standard.

Safety remains paramount; all units are fitted with a high temperature warning light that will alert the driver when hot items are swept into the hopper.

Customers may choose to have a heated and air conditioned cab fitted.

Ben Quirk, Marketing Manager for Nilfisk UK commented, ‘The SR2000 is a real heavy duty beast designed to withstand very harsh environments such as brick works, steel factories and agricultural sites. It makes a welcome addition to our wide range.’

Nilfisk, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. From Tub Vacs through to Road Sweepers Nilfisk offers a complete and affordable solution to all cleaning challenges.

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