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Hiab ProCare(TM) keeps the customers' business running

Hiab ProCare(TM) keeps the customers’ business running

Hiab, part of Cargotec, is strengthening its service offering by launching new service agreements globally. The two levels that both old and new Hiab customers can choose from are Hiab ProCare(TM) Inspection and Hiab ProCare(TM) Essentials.

“At Hiab Services, we have a broad network crossing more than 120 countries, which means that we are always ready to serve our customers. We have placed more and more emphasis on staying close to our customers – our new launches are a good indication of this,” says Christian Bjorne, Vice President, Services.

Hiab ProCare(TM) service agreements are a proactive and preventive approach to servicing the products, and offer a possibility to know the maintenance costs in advance. With Hiab ProCare(TM), all maintenance will be done by Hiab trained technicians with original Hiab spare parts, the only way to make sure that the equipment stays in its original condition. “With Hiab ProCare(TM), our customers can make sure that their Hiab products keep running at the original high level of performance throughout their lifetime,” Bjorne adds.

The first level of service ageements is Hiab ProCare(TM) Inspection, which includes scheduled inspections of the equiment. With the thorough inspections, it is possible to prevent a number of potential unpleasant surprises and make sure that the equipment is compliant to regulations.

Hiab ProCare(TM) Essentials includes full preventive maintenance programme and scheduled inspections as recommended by Hiab. Maintenance costs can be planned in advance, and unnecessary downtime and costs are decreased.

“An increasing number of our customers are looking for not only  equipment, but for solutions including products and services. Hiab ProCare(TM) was developed so that we can answer to these needs better. We built the products, and our service network knows the best how to service them to secure their original performance,” concludes Maria Lindroos, Product Manager, Service Agreements.

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