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Intersped £3.5 million investment provides platform for growth

Intersped £3.5 million investment provides platform for growth

Freight forwarder and Fortec Distribution Network member Intersped is expanding its operations by moving into a new 30,000 square foot warehouse as part of an overall investment of £3.5 million.

It is an exciting development for the company, which this year celebrates 35 years in business.

The warehouse in Kent, with its 16-bay dock facility and two low-level loading bays, will provide capacity for sustainable growth of the business which has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

The company is expecting to increase the size of its workforce from 30 to 40 by the end of the year to keep pace with rising demand.

Owner Ray Murphy, who joined Intersped at 16 and rose through the ranks to take full ownership in 2011, said: “There has been a bit of uncertainty with regard to Brexit but we are still continuing to grow.

“We joined Fortec in November 2014 and it is a good fit. We get the right sort of volumes and goods from the network, it complements Intersped well.

“Fortec has definitely helped to grow the business. The fact we are part of a pallet network means that we are able to do some things that other people cannot. It provides flexibility in operation.”

One of the attractions of joining the network for Intersped was Fortec’s sector-leading IT capability that allows customers to trace and trace shipments, with Proof of Delivery uploaded onto a website for customers to see.

Intersped wanted to ensure that it joined a network which was transparent and accountable so that it could offer its own customers the highest levels of service.

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