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Lamerholm Electronics Launch TrekView – Putting an end to that vicious circle!

The worst case scenario for any company is letting down your customers. To your customers, you are your shipment. Damage caused after goods are dispatched from your warehouse is not only frustrating for your customers, but mean costly repercussions to your business. How can you be sure that it won’t happen again with your replaced shipment, or again after that? It’s completely out of your control…or is it?

Damage deterrent specialists, Lamerholm Electronics supply and support a range of monitoring and control solutions including comprehensive devices that travel with your goods and monitor their ongoing condition. Lamerholm have now launched revolutionary environmental loggers that have been specifically designed to record temperature and humidity for products during transportation or storage, detailing unacceptable conditions with precise time and date.

The information collected from these dataloggers can be easily analysed in graphical or tabular form, clearly pinpointing vicious spots in your transit and storage circle. Reporting tools deliver key environmental parameter for complete documentation of the shipping and handling environment, allowing you the ability to prevent them in future.

Want to prevent damage to your sensitive goods? Simply call 0844 815 6227 or visit Lamerholm.com for a range of monitoring and control solutions some of which include temperature, humidity, shock and tilt and roll.

Tel: 0844 815 6227
Website: www.lamerholm.com

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