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Leuze electronic has record breaking month in July

At the start of 2009 Leuze electronic ‘the sensor people’ reinvented itself in the UK, by ending its joint venture and investing heavily in order to deliver on a promise to provide industry leading customer service and products.

Leuze electronic is well known as a leading manufacturer of sensors for Detection, Inspection and Protection. After 20 years in the UK, 2009 marked something of a rebirth for the company when it ended its previous joint venture and agency agreements which saw it selling other peoples products.

In addition to being able to just concentrate on Leuze electronic’s own products, there has also been a substantial investment in infrastructure and people in order to deliver on a promise to provide industry leading customer service and products.

Infrastructure improvements include new servers, a new CRM system, Blackberry’s, to list a few, but more importantly all of the staff have been and continue to be trained. In addition to lots of product training, there is a strong commitment to personal development training – for example every employee is enrolled on an NVQ certified training programme.

The company believes that it is now a much more dynamic company, 100% focused upon Leuze electronic’s products which include optical sensors; bar code, 2D & RFID code readers; vision systems; and safety light curtains and laser scanners.

Customers in the UK seem to have recognised this change to the company, because 2009’s sales are higher than 2008’s, filling the void created by the loss of the previous non-Leuze electronic products.

As a contrast to all the bad news reported in the papers, Leuze electronic are celebrating their best ever month for sales in the UK after a record breaking July. "We try and avoid being influenced by the negative talk in the newspapers.  For Leuze electronic this period of change in the marketplace is providing fantastic opportunities and fuelling record breaking growth" according to their MD, Mark Weymouth.

Leuze electronic’s extensive product range and global presence enables Leuze electronic to serve manufacturers, integrators and end users across many applications and industries.

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