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Logistics company DSV Road, in YOU TUBE Croke Park clip after U2 concert

When Croke Park in Dublin, the fourth largest stadium in Europe, needed returfing after a recent U2 concert, DSV Road was called on to deliver the 90 trailer loads of turf required.

The logistics company now has a cameo role on the Youtube clip showing the amazing process as 40 specially trained staff lifted the old grass and laid the new turf in three days. The turf was supplied by County Turf in north-east England and shipped to Ireland in temperature controlled trailers.

Andrew Fowler, Director Full Load of DSV Road, says: "The loading began at 05:00 Sunday and every 30 minutes thereafter as it was vital that each trailer was in Dublin within 23 hours. To achieve this exacting requirement, we used a number of shipping routes into Dublin and, once there, we had a strict timetable for making deliveries to the park."

The whole process will be repeated again some time in the future as Croke Park, with capacity for 82,300 spectators, is used for both sports events and concerts. DSV Road also works with County Turf to deliver turf to other stadiums in Europe, keeping the turf below freezing temperatures for the duration of the journey.

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