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New purpose built cantilever racking system for E-ON by SSI Schaefer

SSI Schaefer has successfully designed and installed a new purpose built cantilever racking system for a range of overhead line steelwork for one of the UK’s leading energy companies, E.ON.

Operating out of a 220,000 square feet distribution site in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire, which is managed by leading global logistics provider CEVA Logistics, E.ON recently contacted SSI Schaefer to come up with a better storage solution for its range of overhead line steelwork.

Originally being stored at ground level in a bulk stack format, occupying a large amount of vital warehouse space it was important that SSI Schaefer came up with a storage solution that was not only safe and cost effective but one that would also improve space availability and use, enabling an easy work access for product replenishment and picking.

Following an in-depth assessment of the existing area and stock profile, led by SSI Schaefer Specialist John Dare, taking into account possible future growth and expansion, a cantilever racking installation was recommended. Schaefer’s design drawings were then reviewed and approved and work began.

Chris Bevan, CEVA’s Warehouse Manager for E.ON, said: "SSI Schaefer were called in due to their wealth of experience, attitude towards safety, knowledge of materials handling products and capabilities, familiarity of the stock profile and working environment."

Chris continued: "The challenge from the very start of the project was to build and install a storage solution whilst still ensuring all orders were fulfilled to ensure the network was maintained. SSI Schaefer finished the installation on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to day to day operations."

Simon Gallier, Logistics Contract Manager, E.ON, said: "SSI Schaefer shares our professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for service excellence and reliability. We now have a far safer, more efficient way of storing and picking our range of overhead line steelwork stock items."

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