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New smaller VL Trailer tracking device launched to protect lorry loads

A new smaller trailer tracking device with a longer three year battery life has just been launched.

It’s been launched by VeriLocation, one of the UK’s leading telematics companies.

The revised VL-Trailer uses GPS satellite tracking to fix its location anywhere in the world, and reports it once a day using the mobile phone networks to send data.

Andrew Overton is the managing director of VeriLocation.

He said: "Should the trailer be stolen, the device can be remotely "woken up", and will then communicate its location every few seconds.

"It can be viewed in real time on a map, on any computer connected to the internet. This information is easily passed to the police."

The new VL-Trailer device is significantly smaller than its predecessor. It will fit on your hand, and uses much less battery power too.

Once fully charged the device will last for up to three years before needing another charge.

All the components are installed in a self-contained box, which is secured to the trailer chassis. It has no external aerials or wires. The device is IP67 compliant and totally waterproof.

This means it can be installed and forgotten about, and will not be affected by the daily use of the trailer.

Andrew added: "This device is essential for every fleet.

"TruckPol, a national intelligence unit that’s part of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, estimates road freight crime costs the UK economy up to £250 million a year.

"VL-Trailer is a simple and cost effective solution that allows stolen trailers to be located and recovered more quickly."

VeriLocation has been in GPS tracking and mapping since 1995, and now tracks more than 10,000 devices and vehicles across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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