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Packaging innovator Loadhog develop new WardHog mobile shelving system

The Sheffield-based packaging innovator, Loadhog has developed a system to help solve the issues with which hospitals are faced to store and move fluid stocks.

The new WardHog mobile shelving system offers the efficient, flexible, hygienic and accessible storage of boxes of fluids, either on-ward or in storage areas.

With no permanent fixtures, and three solid tray layers capable of holding up to 24 boxes, the WardHog increases storage capacity and frees up significant space.

Having a Pally – a pallet and dolly combined – at the base, the easy and safe movement of the whole system, with content weight up to 500kg, is allowed with one foot pedal press. When at the desire location, the system can be secured as a stable pallet, again with a single pedal press.

In terms of hygiene, the WardHog can be wheeled to allow cleaning both underneath and behind, with the boxes permanently clear of the floor. Furthermore, the need for wooden or kitchen-like shelving, occupying valuable space, is reduced and the use of potential cross-contamination and obstruction by pump trucks and pallets eliminated.

The WardHog also presents the boxes ready for easy label scanning, direct product picking and removal with less bending to the floor.

Tel: 0114 280 0800

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