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Pick and Pack for Longchamp

Longchamp commissioned SSI Schaefer to optimise its logistics centre in Segré, France. In partnership, the two companies developed a tailor-made solution for the order picking and automation of customer shipments.

All products manufactured by Longchamp are now shipped from the logistics centre in Segré. To design a more efficient goods flow, the company decided to modernise and automate its order picking and dispatch system – the contract was awarded to SSI Schaefer.

Challenge: to develop a solution that allowed both shelving-based packaging of articles and the order-based compilation of the packages to be delivered accurately to the boutiques. Dispatch output also needed to be increased to cover seasonal peaks.

The ‘Pick and Pack’ order picking solution from SSI Schaefer is now used primarily for the shelving-based packaging of products. Conveyor technology combined with an automated order start and an order picking system with wireless terminals and WAMAS IT control system now ensure optimal routes in the warehouse and ideal order picking processes. The system has increased productivity and provided a significant quality boost.

The history of Longchamp began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain added a protective leather cover to his tobacco pipes to sell existing warehouse stock. In 1955 he expanded the product range and began specialising in the production of leather goods. This led the family company towards a breakthrough into the circle of large leather goods dealers.

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