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Siemens evaluation rig demonstrates benefits of high efficiency gearboxes

A demonstration rig, now available at Siemens Automation & Drive Technologies, compares high efficiency helical bevel geared motors with helical worm gear units to show the potential energy savings that can be made.

Geared motor units of a similar size can vary in performance if the internal gearing is different, and the latest generation of Siemens motors with Flender gearboxes is designed to be highly efficient. Helical worm gear unit designs, which are currently installed in thousands of industry applications, are typically 70% to 80% efficient, whereas newer helical bevel gear types have up to 96% efficiency.

Examples of these industries include postal sorting, baggage handling, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging and printing; installations where geared motor units are required to provide mechanical work. Within these fields, Siemens Industry is able to demonstrate energy savings on a very large scale, supporting a national need to improve efficiency within the UK industrial and manufacturing sector.

In the current climate of fluctuating fuel prices and falling consumer demand, making energy savings is a logical method of reducing ongoing and overall lifecycle costs.

The demonstration rig is able to evaluate geared motor sizes of various power outputs and will be at the Siemens 'Answers for Industry – Automation Experience 2009' event at Coventry's Ricoh Arena on 25 and 26 March. More details are available from Siemens on 01274 657700.

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