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Totally closed hygienic plastic pallet by Craemer at Food and Drink Logistics Show

At the forefront of plastics pallet /container design and development, Craemer will display a selection of product specific to the food and meat processing industry, including the NEW ‘TC’ Totally Closed hygienic plastic pallet and Craemer lightweight ‘D’ Plastic Pallet.

Designed to meet the highest hygiene demands, the new TC plastic pallet offers strength and impact resistance due primarily to its material content and unique patented welding process that totally seals the lower deck and rim areas to prevent ingress of contaminants such as liquid and bacteria into the pallet structure. The flat, smooth outer surfaces can be easily cleaned.

Craemer’s new lightweight ‘D’ range of plastic pallets, weighing in at only 15kg, make it easy and safe to manually handle or integrate into storage systems requiring high loading capacities. The low cost entry level version offers exceptional quality at only £25.00.

Standard TC and D pallets feature a 7mm upper deck rim and are available with 3 or 5 runners, with a wide variety of upgradeable configuration options enabling pallets to be transformed into a bespoke, highly rated load carrier with RFID tracking.

Craemer are prepared to supply sample pallets for evaluation using customers own products.
Craemer will also exhibit details of their range of storage and transport plastics containers, boxes and trays manufactured from high quality material (HDPE).

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