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Visibly Safer for Warehouse Workers

Its ability to build an inspection history for every fork lift truck on site while ensuring all equipment passes a pre-shift check are two reasons why the Safe-Truck Inspection System from SG World has stormed the market since its launch. Many accidents and prosecutions involving fork lift trucks are down to faulty equipment, and the discipline of a 33 point pre-shift check plus an additional 10 point weekly check means that no operator need ever climb onto an unsafe machine again.

The system comes with a highly visible yellow inspection wallet which remains on the vehicle to clearly indicate its inspection passed/failed status. A cheque book sized inspection pad covers all critical items on the truck, and a tick box duplicate is retained in the pad for the records. Safe-Truck ensures compliance with the HSE best practice guidelines given in its 'Safety in Working with Lift Trucks' publication, that trucks should be inspected at the beginning of each shift. The system also creates a simple system for the rapid notification of issues requiring unscheduled maintenance, keeping vehicles in a good condition as well as safe.

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