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Voice centric solutions for mobile workers provider Vocollect continues growth and expansion through 2009

Adding more than 200 new customers.
Upgrading major existing customer to the latest in voice technology.
Continued global expansion to Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil.
Re-invigorated product and services offerings inc. Vocollect VoiceWorld Suite and VoiceDirect ERP.

World leader in voice-centric solutions for mobile workers, Vocollect has announced that its global growth continued in 2009. Last year Vocollect added more than 200 new supply chain customers in Europe, North America, Latin America, Japan, China and Australia, including several multi-million dollar deployments.

Throughout 2009, several dozen existing Vocollect supply chain customers chose to upgrade their voice-enabled distribution centre (DC) / warehouse systems to newer versions of Vocollect technologies. Vocollect also replaced competitive products in seven companies. Finally, total sales revenue from the company’s emerging healthcare business more than doubled over that of the previous year.

"Vocollect’s ability to expand its business during one of the most challenging economic times in recent history speaks to the value our customers place on our solutions," said Joe Pajer, Supply Chain Solutions president and chief operating officer, Vocollect, Inc.

"We know from direct market feedback and independent quantitative market research that the vast majority of our existing customers are very satisfied or highly satisfied with our solution. We are pleased that so many of these customers were willing to invest a portion of their often very limited budgets toward an upgrade of their existing systems. And of course we are delighted that so many new customers, again with constrained capital budgets, chose to prioritize a voice-centric application deployment in a tough economic year. Clearly, the improved business performance that is achieved through a fully integrated Vocollect solution weighs heavily in these customers’ resource allocation decisions," continued Joe Pajer.

Vocollect achieved its growth in 2009 chiefly across the manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution sectors. In manufacturing, the company had successful penetration in automotive, food and beverage, industrial MRO, machinery, and pharmaceutical and life sciences. In retail, Vocollect saw wide success in grocery, clothing and apparel, department and general merchandise, and convenience stores. In wholesale distribution, success was seen in many of these same industries, as well as with logistics service providers.

"It seems that, regardless of the vertical industry, customers want Vocollect to help them improve their distribution and logistics performance," noted Pajer.

Vocollect also announced that in addition to the office it opened in Hong Kong in 2009, it has recently opened offices in Singapore and Brazil, with one in India soon to be announced. In addition to continued global expansion, last year the company recapped its product expansion, noting the 2009 announcements of its new Vocollect VoiceWorld Suite and its new native interface product for SAP AG WM and EWM, VoiceDirect ERP.

"With a strong and growing base in North America, Europe and Australia, Vocollect is on the move – now bringing improvements in business performance to companies in Asia and Latin America and around the world. Our new products that were announced in 2009, together with a host of new products under development, will continue to meet and exceed the desires of customers in a variety of verticals. We know the opportunity for voice-centric solutions has only just begun to be tapped. In 2010, Vocollect and its world-class global team of supply chain reseller and channel partner experts will continue an aggressive expansion to deliver the benefits of integrated voice-centric solutions to more customers across the world," Pajer concluded.

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