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Why Julius Caesar didn't get cheap fuel

Why Julius Caesar didn’t get cheap fuel

If Julius Caesar’s chariots had run on diesel or petrol, running costs would have really tweaked his toga. He might have been too busy fretting about fuel to conquer most of the known world. But, he had to rely on horses. This meant that he was able to build the Roman Empire and still have time for other things. These included inventing the Leap Year.

Without good old Julius and his legions, we might not have had straight roads. Or plumbing. Or an alphabet. Shakespeare would have written fewer plays. Carry On Cleo would not have been filmed and Kenneth Williams would not have said, “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”  And, millions of people born on February 29th would have had different birthdays.

Perhaps everyone should celebrate Leap Year by dressing up as Romans, to honour Julius Caesar. Or, maybe we should take account of the fact that it will be too cold for a toga and do something else.

If your chariots do not use horses, you might be too busy worrying about the cost of fuel to celebrate. So, do something that combines the two things. Use February 29th to reduce your refuelling bills.

Unless you have a fuel card, you pay too much for diesel or petrol. Even if you do have one, you could probably make bigger savings. Either way, one of our 18 different fuel cards could almost certainly save you money.

Be grateful to Julius Caesar for giving you an extra day this year. Whether or not you spend it wearing a toga, use the day to cut your fuel costs.


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