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XPO Logistics awarded eco-friendly transport Label “Objectif CO2”

XPO Logistics awarded eco-friendly transport Label “Objectif CO2”

XPO Logistics has been awarded the Label “Objectif CO2” by the French Ministry of Environment and the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME). The award was presented to 14 transport firms that have achieved outstanding results in managing and reducing CO2 emissions.

By awarding XPO Logistics the Label “Objectif CO2”, the ADEME is recognising the company for its longstanding commitment to managing its carbon footprint. XPO Logistics has worked closely with ADEME over the last 10 years, acting as a testing ground for technological and organisational solutions. The company has been a signatory of the Charte “Objectif CO2” voluntary commitment program since its inauguration in 2008.

The qualifying performance demonstrated by XPO Logistics was confirmed by an independent audit carried out on 2,176 motor vehicles, representing the whole of XPO’s French fleet (excluding dedicated vehicles). In 2014, the company’s CO2 performance was 60.62 gCO2/t.km over a reference rate of 91.49 gCO2/t.km. As part of its ongoing commitment to preserving the environment, XPO Logistics has developed an environmental action plan for 2016-2018 that includes more than a dozen initiatives in the categories of: drivers, vehicles, fuel and transport flows management.

Luis Angel Gomez, XPO Logistics managing director, transport solutions for Europe, said: “We are proud to have been awarded the Label CO2 in recognition of the outstanding environmental performance of our transport operations. Label CO2 is a relevant tool for helping customers identify the most eco-responsible providers of transport services across all industries.”

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