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11 ways Hyster toughens up the supply chain

Widely regarded as the toughest forklifts in the industry, the Hyster® Fortens™ series of IC trucks has undergone a transformation with new engines and mast options in the 2-3.5 tonne range.

Designed for demanding 24 hour operations, including operating on ramps, in extreme temperatures and making aggressive direction changes, Hyster Fortens trucks continue to excel where other brands fail to take the strain. Here are 11 reasons why the Hyster Fortens is perfectly suited to paper, wood, metal and a range of tough manufacturing and logistics operations.

1. New tough mast
The tough mast featured on the 2-3.5 tonne IC forklift trucks has recently been redeveloped to enable maximum fork visibility for the operator, faster cycle times and greater productivity.

The new 3-stage FFL (full free lift) and 2-stage LFL (limited free lift) mast designs include changes to the structure that increase rigidity and hydraulic hose life. This helps to further reduce the total cost of ownership, through the benefit of extended service life.

Mast lowering speeds have also increased, with tests showing that it is possible to handle two extra loads per hour, per truck, leading to significant productivity improvements across a fleet.

To make mixed load applications more efficient, Hyster has also released side-shift fork positioner carriage options for the new masts.

2. Tough transmission
Exclusive to Hyster, the electronically controlled DuraMatch™ transmission provides smoother directional changes to eliminate shock loading in the toughest applications.

The DuraMatch transmission offers state of the art features managed by the VSM (Vehicle System Manager), such as the Auto Deceleration System and the additional Controlled Power Reversal feature, which assist driver control and contribute to extended brake and tyre life, by reducing wheel-spin and tyre scrubbing. These features also reduce transmission shock loadings, resulting in extended component life and lower operating costs.

3. Protected Components
Continuous monitoring of the hydraulic and air filter restriction, as well as the coolant level, help to protect the major components of Hyster Fortens IC trucks.

4. Stopping Power
Brake maintenance is significantly reduced as a result of Auto Deceleration and can be virtually eliminated, even with a wide variety of driving styles, thanks to the oil immersed brakes, available as an option on the 2-3.5 tonne Hyster Fortens models.

5. Tough on output, not on the driver
High impact resistant cabs are designed to be tough on the outside but comfortable on the inside. For applications that expose operators to extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions, fully enclosed cabs can also be fitted with heating or air conditioning systems.

6. Stability
The patented Hyster Stability Mechanism™ (HSM) provides side-stability by limiting steer axle articulation. The HSM operates through a rubber suspension block, which is 100% maintenance free and improves ride quality over uneven surfaces.

7. Tough frame construction
The tough frame construction featured across the Fortens range has been thoroughly tested for strength and rigidity and also provides a firm platform to lift capacity loads to full height for over 100 thousand lift cycles.

8. High Performance – Tough on time and products moved
Two operator control settings are programmed into the Hyster Fortens range. A HiP (High Performance) performance setting is the standard operating mode, but for operations looking to further reduce fuel consumption, the ECO-eLo mode can be activated. This reduces the maximum engine speed and makes the engine response less aggressive, resulting in significant fuel savings for a nominal reduction in overall productivity rates. High productivity is a characteristic of Hyster products and Fortens LPG powered trucks have been recorded moving up to 65 loads per hour under test conditions.

9. Hydraulics – Tough when needed
Load Sensing Hydraulics (LSH), featuring Variable Displacement Pump (VDP) technology, help to reduce the demand of the hydraulic systems on the engine. Increased hydraulic flow is only delivered when required to power the major hydraulic functions, including lifting and attachment operation. Load Sensing Hydraulics are responsive to the demands of the application at any given time, so power is not wasted and fuel consumption is reduced.

10. Tough over time
Hyster® forklift trucks maintain high residual values throughout their working life and this is directly attributable to their design values of strength and durability. The Hyster Fortens is built for demanding materials handling operations and offers customers excellent returns on investment.

11. Tough on time
To maximise utilisation and uptime in operation, the Hyster® Tracker wireless access monitoring system enables customers to measure and manage truck performance so they can see at all times the benefit of using Hyster® trucks.
Some of the key system benefits include asset protection through impact monitoring, cost management and downtime control. Cost factors are recorded wirelessly through the HysterTracker.com portal, which can be accessed by Hyster dealers and customers simply and effectively by using a desktop, laptop or tablet.

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