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12 Hyundai’s in a year and counting for Pete Marquis Contractors

Pete Marquis Contractors, based in Preston in Lancashire, was established in 1991 by managing director Pete Marquis, alongside his team of two, one of which is still with the company now – Billy Morton who is charge of the Civil Engineering side of the business. The firm now boasts a team of more than 50, and from the company’s modest beginnings, working on agricultural work in the local Fylde area, the business has now expanded into many other areas including Civil Engineering, Demolition and Waste Management including Asbestos Removal.

The company’s customers include Wyre Borough Council, Manchester City Council, Preston City Council, Fylde Borough Council, Conlon Construction, BAE Systems, the Highways Agency as well as Universities and Colleges in the vicinity, and many Lancashire based construction companies and farmers.

Pete Marquis has a fleet of 60 machines – 12 of these are Hyundai’s, which include the company’s most recent purchases a 14 tonne R140LC-9A excavator, a 5.5 tonne R55-9A compact excavator and a HSL650-7A skid steer with an operating capacity of 650kg. All of the Hyundai machines were supplied by Cumbria based dealers, Taylor & Braithwaite.

“Kevin Bell from T&B was a regular visitor at our depot and invited us to come and visit the Hyundai stand at the Hillhead exhibition in Buxton last year.” Said Pete Marquis.

“Myself and my transport manager, Dave McMonagle went on the stand and we bought our very first Hyundai a 2.7 tonne mini (R27Z-9 Zero Tail Swing). I was very impressed with the machine and then invested in a 5.5 tonne R55-9A after Hillhead.” Added Pete.

Continuous trouble with one of the company’s 22 tonne machines from a rival machine manufacturer led Pete Marquis to the Hyundai R220LC-9A – Kevin Bell (T&B) offered the company a demo on the machine and the deal was done “I like everything about the Hyundai machines,” said Pete. “The lads love them too! The fuel economy, the brake out power, the reliability, in fact there’s nothing not to like. We buy a machine or a wagon per month. On the machine side we will continue to buy Hyundai. The backup service we get from Taylor & Braithwaite is also excellent and the finance deals are second to none.”

Operator Mark Bell has been with Pete Marquis since 1998 Mark’s yoke is currently the R220LC-9A – it was Mark that tried the machine out on demo from T&B. “We got the 220 just before Christmas last year – I tried the machine before Pete bought it and I was very pleased with it.” Said Mark. “What I really like about it is how easy it is to change attachments. You can change the pressure of force on the machine’s computer in the cab – you don’t even have to get out! It takes seconds.”

“The power is good too it’s on par if not better than other more expensive machines. The cab is really comfortable and everything is to hand. Some machines you have to lift the arm rest up to get to controls – with this machine you don’t have to.” Added Mark.

Mark concluded, “It’s done 800hrs and has there has been no problems at all – very reliable – I can’t fault the machine.”

Billy Morton has been with the company since it began 24-years ago and in addition to running the Civils side of the firm with his team of 15 lads – he still gets hands on with the machines when it’s extremely busy. Billy is currently operating the new 14 tonne R140LC-9A on a BAE Systems job Lancashire.

“I was very surprised when I first got in the machine,” said Billy. “It’s like being sat in a Bentley! You push a button and it sets itself up – push another button and it starts. It’s so smooth too – not jerky like other machines I have operated. When you’re levelling stone you need a smooth machine that does not rock about – this one is brilliant I can’t fault it.”

Billy added, “When I first got in the 14tonner (Hyundai) I thought it was a bit hot – it took me a while to realize it had a heated seat and it was switched on! Luxury for the winter – you don’t expect a digger to have a heated seat! I can honestly say I actually look forward to getting back on it in the morning and after a day in the seat – you don’t feel like you have done a day’s work!”

Pete Marquis has continued his investment in Hyundai and earlier this month, prior to Pete’s first trip to South Korea with T&B, to see the Hyundai factory in reality on a Hyundai VIP tour, his three latest machines were delivered – the R140LC-9A, R55-9A and the company’s very first Hyundai Skid Steer – the HSL650-7A. “The machines are all out on jobs already – the Skid Steer has only just gone out on a demolition job – performing an internal strip out removing asbestos.” Reported Pete.

“This is our first Hyundai Skid Steer – but if it performs the same as the other machines – I am confident it will be fantastic!”

Pete concluded, “We are currently in talks with Kevin at T&B to buy a new 40 tonner which we will need for a 12-month demolition contract in Blackpool starting next year.”

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