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1link Service Network adds Customer Satisfaction Index tool to its e commerce platform

A new Customer Satisfaction Index tool added to the 1link Service Network e-commerce platform enables company car and van drivers to rate suppliers.

The tool takes the form of a modifiable e-mail questionnaire sent to drivers after they have used a franchise dealer, independent garage or fast-fit centre. Designed to be quick and easy to complete, it covers key performance indicators.

Fleets that use 1link Service Network to buy service and maintenance – who together run more than two million vehicles – can they use the CSI information to analyse the feedback on suppliers and make future purchasing decisions.

Ken Trinder, head of business development at epyx, said: "Major fleets, especially leasing companies, making service and maintenance buying decisions need to know about the performance of their suppliers not just in terms in cost and administration but must also measure the quality of the driver experience. The new CSI tool enables them to build this factor easily into their use of 1link Service Network.

"Also, for manufacturers using the platform, this will be the first time that they will be able to measure the quality of service offered to fleet drivers. A number of manufacturers have indicated an interest in participating in the programme."

What 1link Service Network does
1link Service Network is the industry standard e-commerce platform that links major fleets and providers of service and maintenance such as franchise dealers, independent garages and fast fits.

Before 1link, nearly all fleet service and maintenance was booked and authorised by phone and fax. This was a slow and inaccurate process that necessitated entire departments being operated by fleets simply to deal with issues such as invoice queries and rejections.

In contrast, 1link Service Network has almost eliminated these problems. Almost no invoices are rejected, and service and maintenance providers have work approved online almost straightaway – in fact, a large portion is approved by the platform automatically in line with standard parameters put in place by fleet managers. Studies show that a single 1link online transaction replaces seven pieces of paper to be processed.

The result is a system that embodies all that is good about e-commerce for all parties in the supply chain – the driver, the service provider and the fleet manager all benefit from a process that is much faster, more accurate and much cheaper to use.

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