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2009 Food and Drink Transport Survey

for DfT Expected to Measure More Companies and Vehicles

Following the success of the survey conducted by SCALA Logistics Consulting into key performance indicators for transport in the Food and Drink industry in 2007, the 2009 follow up survey is expected to involve more companies, fleets and vehicle.

The results of the environmental impact survey for the Department for Transport (DfT) will give the most comprehensive information showing how efficiently the vehicles are operating. It will clearly show how full the vehicles are; how many miles they run empty; and the effect on their operations of traffic and loading or unloading delays. They will also show how much product is moved and how far, and how much fuel is used, and how much CO2 is released in the process. It will also indicate what progress, if any, has been achieved in the past two years.

Graham Stubbs, SCALA Group partner, said: “On March 12th, for 24 hours, the managers and drivers of goods vehicles distributing food and drink for British consumers, will be carefully monitoring the performance of their trucks. We received initial agreement from 40 companies – which is more than 2007. We are confident that more companies will join in as the big day approaches. In the 2007 survey we measured 109 Fleets, with almost 9000 Vehicles covering 1.3 million kilometres.”

Roger Watkins, also a partner with SCALA Group, said that the survey would measure the following indicators on a continuous basis for 24 hours: vehicle fill; empty running; time utilisation; delays to schedule; and fuel consumption. “Workshops for participating companies will start in February and companies wishing to participate in and benefit from the survey should contact us as soon as possible” said Mr Watkins.

SCALA Group participated in the recent Food and Drink Federation event when the FDF reported on its Five-fold Environmental Ambition which was launched in October 2007. Since then members of the FDF have slashed their CO2 emissions by 17% since 1990 as part of an ambitious plan to reduce their environmental impact.

Managing Director of SCALA Group, John Perry, believes it is important that logistics and transport managers should put their support behind the initiative to reduce Carbon Footprint in the industry. “Participation in the survey will give them a benchmark of how well they are doing in achieving transport efficiency.

“It is not just a question of environmental efficiency. Performing well against all of the KPIs we are measuring will bring operating efficiency – and in today's economic situation this is crucial. You could say that environmental efficiency brings its own rewards in lower operating costs.”

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