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27 TA400s terex trucks mine tin in Indonesia

27 Terex TA400s mine tin in Indonesia

With a tin mining operation that battles against the tropical climate of Bangka Island in Indonesia, long-standing Terex Trucks customer PT Putra Tongga Samudra is using 27 TA400s to maximize production.

PT Putra Tongga Samudra manages some of the largest tin and sand mining activities on Bangka Island, with its tin mining project in Pemali Sungailiat being one of the biggest. The operation started almost a decade ago in 2009, which is the same year the tin mining company was established. As production picked up momentum, PT Putra Tongga Samudra looked to Terex Trucks when it decided to purchase three TA400 articulated haulers in 2010. That year, they produced a total of 256 tonnes (282 tons) of tin.

Since then, the company has mined 5,600 tonnes (6,173 tons) of tin down to a depth of 110m (361ft) and has steadily grown its inventory of Terex Trucks machines in order to keep up with production. “We have 27 units of the TA400 articulated hauler,” says Fondy Hidajat, Director of Operations at PT Putra Tongga Samudra. “The first factor we considered before buying the articulated haulers was pricing. Second was the ease of operation. Thirdly, we evaluated how well they could operate during the rainy season. We will continue to purchase more articulated haulers to maintain optimal performance of production as long as the price of tin is still feasible for us to mine.”

Seasoned service

Mining tin in a hot, tropical climate is no easy feat. “We were interested in Terex Trucks articulated haulers because they work well during the rainy season and they are easy to operate,” says Fondy. The haulers are being used to shift large quantities of overburden. Some of them have 20,000 hours on the clock, testament to just how hard they’ve been working. PT Putra Tongga Samudra’s TA400s were supplied by Terex Trucks’ official dealer in Indonesia, PT United Equipment Indonesia. “As for maintenance, all of our Terex Trucks articulated haulers are handled by PT United Equipment Indonesia,” says Fondy. “The benefits of having PT United Equipment are that we have used them for many transactions so it is easier to negotiate, as well as the ready availability of new units.”

Designed to deliver

The TA400 is the biggest model in Terex Trucks’ articulated hauler range. It has been built to perform in challenging conditions, making it a firm favorite among customers working in mines, quarries and large-scale construction sites. Built in Motherwell, Scotland, the 38 tonne (41.9 ton) hauler is powered by a six-cylinder Scania DC13 engine, which develops a gross power of 331 kW (444 hp) and a maximum torque of 2,255 Nm (1663 lbf ft). It provides great traction and an effective power-to-weight ratio, which ensures material is moved as quickly as possible in all conditions. This results in excellent productivity and low cost of operation. The planetary gear transmission provides smooth, efficient gear shifting for optimized fuel consumption and reduced cost of operation. Ground level test points and a fully tilting cab, combined with an electronically raised hood, ensure ease of service and reduced downtime. The machine is also fitted with a spacious and ergonomic cab to aid operator comfort.

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