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40 years on and still the world’s leading truck loading system

The Joloda Skate and Track is the world's leading truck loading system. The Skate and Track system has enabled customers to load/unload pallets and news print rolls for over forty years.

Used by companies such as BMW, UPM Kymmene, Aylesford Newsprint, Allied Bakeries, Frehauf, Volvo, Chiquita and Dometic Corporation in the USA, the Skate and Track system can be used to load and unload 2.5 tonnes per minute.

George Craven, Sales Manager for Joloda comments: “Very little manual effort is required for this system making it 33% faster than conventional manual loading and minimal maintenance is required therefore making it extremely cost effective”.

Dometic Corporation is a leading international supplier of refrigeration products for use in the leisure industry, for hotels and recreational vehicles and also the medical sector.
After implementing this system in the USA, Dometic Corporation reduced their transportation time, increased volume of loads and saved on labour/forklift costs.

Joloda skates are placed in recessed tracks and rolled under the load, the skates and load are then raised by pulling down the handles. This then means that the load, which can be any weight up to 3.5 tonnes, is 'live', and can be freely pushed the length of the trailer. The skates include manual and automatic breaking, self-centering and minimal maintenance as the system cleans itself when it is in use.

George ends; “The Skate and Track system is quick, reliable, safe and simple”.

For further information on the Skate and Track system, or any other Joloda system visit www.joloda.com

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