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4U HD CCTV security surveillance system NViS 8480-8490 Captures the finest detail

NEXCOM has expanded its range of security surveillance solutions with the launch of the NViS 8480/8490 which has been specifically designed to address HD CCTV applications. Powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 desktop/ workstation grade processors with Q67/C206 chipset, NViS 8480/8490 is able to display and playback Full HD videos through 8/16 channels. NViS 8480/8490 with its unique industry-leading features is not only ideal for use as a HD CCTV system but can coexist with Standard Definition CCTV applications. NViS 8480/8490 is therefore a hybrid security surveillance system which can be fine-tuned to capture the finest detail thus protecting your past and future investments.

The Unparalleled Surveillance System Tops the World.
NViS 8480/8490 supports Intel® Core™ i7/i5 desktop/workstation grade processors with Q67/C206 chipset. The latest 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, with Intel® Turbo Boost, Hyper-Threading technology and rich graphics features, give NViS 8480/8490 a boost in performance and enables the system to enrich visual experiences with high quality seamless video, without additional graphics hardware.

Along with four PCIe expansion slots, NViS 8480/8490 is capable of playing uncompressed Full HD 1080p video and can refresh HD images at speeds of up to 480 frames per second. In addition, NViS 8480/8490 can store up to 12TB when all six 3.5" SATA HDDs are utilized, offering massive storage capacity with good value. NViS 8480/8490 also features an environment control board. The Smart Fan mechanism, not only monitors system temperature, but also alerts operators when the system is overheated.

Compatible with CCTV System.
In addition to the above exceptional configurations, the 4U NViS 8480/8490 adopts DVI ports and flawlessly renders existing CCTV data format. NViS 8480/8490 allows sharing of existing analogue cabling with CCTV systems, this enables clients to enjoy Full HD experiences without costly infrastructure overhaul. Moreover, NViS 8480/8490 is supplied with 400W AC 100~240V power input empowering expansion cards to function properly.

Customized Service on Demand for HD CCTV.
NViS 8480/8490 when installed with certified capture card from a NEXCOM solution partner will be provided with SDK for solution developers, who can also choose other preferred capture cards upon request. NViS 8480/8490 can also be tailored with eight SDI cameras to suit different application requirements.

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