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50 percent of transport operators disclose they have suffered a major environmentally hazardous spill

A new survey and report commissioned by the Environment Agency and the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) just made available to download for free, has shown that over 50% of transport, logistics and distribution operators say they’ve suffered a major environmentally hazardous spill.

Preparing for the everyday to major catastrophic spills of hazardous substances are concerns facing every site and logistics manager. To address the issue the Environment Agency and the BSIF has released a free survey and report titled ‘Spill Prevention for Transport, Logistics and Distribution Industries.

Written in collaboration with leading players in the industry including TDG, Wincanton, BP, UCP, Greggs Plc. and United Biscuits, the report examines the steps they’re taking to prevent spills in their site and haulage operations and the challenges they’re coming up against.

In a new step for the Environment Agency, the report contains roundtable debate transcripts between the EA and industry professionals where questions are asked of the EA’s approach to industry support, with the EA duly answering on the steps they’re taking to better help industry avoid punitive fines. The report comes at an important time for spill prevention as significant focus is placed on the Environment Agency’s need to increase communication with the industry as well as the industry’s responsibility to tackle preventative spills to avoid EA fines.

Teresa Brown, Technical Advisor Pollution Prevention at the Environment Agency comments in the report : "Many of the activities carried out by the road transport industry have the potential to cause pollution, but good planning and a small investment of time and money can save you in the long run"

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