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51T Expands Range of Robust Charging Cradles

Complex transport and logistics requirements are made simple as a leading tech solutions company expands its inventory of rugged PDA and handheld computer accessories. Designed and manufactured in-house, the magnified range of 51T charging cradles offer businesses an intelligent solution to the longstanding problem of powering portable devices.

Over the past decade there has been a noticeable surge in the use of technology to support mobile working applications. This has largely been fuelled by the explosion in online shopping, with both home delivery and click and collect options now involving the use of cutting edge technology designed to streamline the distribution process. Sophisticated handheld devices play an integral role in processing orders, increasing productivity and speeding up data transfer rates. As well as enabling workers to connect to systems via WLAN/WWAN and WIFI, they also assist in carrying out key tasks such as scanning, image capture, data input and phone calls.

Pete Emslie, Director said, “Handheld devices are now commonplace in the transport and logistics industry. While the technology itself is becoming increasingly sophisticated manufacturers are overlooking the need to develop durable charging solutions that keep devices operational. The 51T range of charging cradles is designed to complement devices from all the leading manufacturers and ensure that equipment is kept fully charged and functional around the clock.”

Yet despite the focus on modernising technology and augmenting functionality, handheld mobile devices are still burdened with the issue of power. Often supplied charging cradles are flimsy and ineffective which can seriously hinder productivity. In some cases fleet operators face 40% cradle failures rates.

51T is offering transport and logistics companies a savvy solution to the issue with its expanded range of charging cradles that support devices from major retail and transport brands. The intelligent modularised designs mean that cradles can be easily repaired as opposed to discarded. Ultra-durable pins minimise the risk of damage from incorrect insertion which credits the range with an impressive 1% cradle failure rate. Thanks to the user friendly form devices can be inserted and extracted from the cradle with just one hand, leaving operators free to multi-task if necessary. In the unlikely event that a cradle should malfunction it can be easily replaced with zero installation of cosmetic issues.

Businesses requiring in-depot multiple device charging solutions can install 4-bay units that allow cradles to be swapped in order to keep stations live and effective. Clients demanding industrial sized solutions can take advantage of the 72 device charging cabinet featuring six shelves of 12 cradle bays.

For transport and logistics companies wanting to keep data flowing, maximise asset investment and reduce operating costs, 51T charging cradles are must have ammunition. All devices come with a 12 month warranty, as well as full repair and maintenance services in the UK.

To find out more about 51T and browse the expanded range of robust charging cradles, go to: www.51t.co.uk

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