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51T innovative mobile device charging management

During this winter peak period your mobile operations will be put under significant pressure, it is vital to ensure you capture all scanning data.

Mobile Device Management

Ensure that your entire mobile device estate is not only serviceable, but fully charged and available to be used.
Review your charging cradles within vehicles and warehouses/depots, to boost your MDM protocols and ensure you have a robust device charging capability.

Don’t leave it to chance, don’t miss a single Scan!

The Top 5 MDM Benefits from www.51T.co.uk

Charging solutions from 51T bring to life the most robust, dependable and fully repairable mobile device products on the market today:
1. Modular design with fully repairable & replaceable parts
2. Constructed with the most robust and hard-wearing materials
3. Multiple power options including in-vehicle, desk & cabinet
4. 12 months warranty against parts and repairs
5. Order online or through your MDM Provider

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