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6 Tips for Choosing Your Industrial Air Compressor
Photo by Dean Moriarty

6 Tips for Choosing Your Industrial Air Compressor

When you are shopping for an industrial air compressor, you need to know what compressors can handle the job. They come in every shape and size, so if you are working as a contractor, you probably don’t need the same type of compressor was a heavy-duty auto mechanic. It is essential to find the right machine for what you need.

Most modern industrial air compressors are longer lasting and more reliable than older models. Still, It is essential to find a compressor that has the power you need, can save you on energy costs, and won’t cost you a ton in maintenance costs. Here are some facts and tips to help you know what to look for in your next industrial air compressor.

Things to consider:

● Horsepower

The horsepower rating is an excellent way to tell if the compressor will have the power you need. One problem is that some smaller compressors sold at big box stores say they have higher power than they actually do. Most industrial compressors are more accurate in their HP rating, which is also why they tend to be a large size and more expensive.

● Air Pressure

Air pressure is measure in pounds per square inch (PSI), and most industrial air tools need 90 PSI to run. Make sure your air compressor has a higher shut off pressure to be sure it can give you enough power.

Energy-saving tips air compressor:

Be sure to check your system regularly for leaks. Even small leaks can affect the overall air pressure, and you may be tempted to turn up the pressure to deal with these leaks. It is always recommended to run your system at the recommended pressure.

● Cubic Feet per Metre

Be sure your compressor produces a large enough volume of air to keep your air tools running. This volume is usually called cubic feet per minute (CFM).

● Single or Two-Stage Compressor

Single-stage air compressors have one cylinder that pumps directly into the tank. A two-stage compressor has two cylinders, and this allows you to start at a higher PSI with the first cylinder and then move to a higher pressure with the second cylinder. Unless you have a job that requires high pressure, the single-stage compressor is probably what you need.

● Life Expectancy

Be sure your industrial air compressor is built to last. It may be tempting to try and save money by buying a compressor at a big box store, but these savings won’t last very long if your compressor needs to be replaced within a year or two.

Your air compressor service should be able to tell you a compressor’s life expectancy, or you can find out from the manufacturer. It is best to calculate what your compressor will cost you per hour of its life expectancy rather than a flat rate.

● Maintenance Costs

Be sure to ask expert technicians and engineers from Commercial Air Compressor Ltd. about the repair policy and expected maintenance costs for your air compressor. Most industrial compressors sold from an air compressor service also have a clear maintenance policy and technicians that can keep your machine running and quickly take care of any issues that might arise.

Photo by Dean Moriarty

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