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Granville Ecopark Limited works with CDEnviro to demonstrate a circular economy

Granville Ecopark Limited works with CDEnviro to demonstrate a circular economy

Granville Ecopark has collaborated with CDEnviro to demonstrate a perfect example of the circular economy. CDEnviro sends its food waste to Granville Ecopark and then helps to optimise parts of the anaerobic digestion (AD) system at the innovative renewable energy site.

Granville Ecopark is a state of the art organic waste treatment plant, based in Northern Ireland, which produces renewable energy using AD.

AD is widely recognised as a sustainable method to produce biogas. This biogas can be used directly as fuel in combined heat and power gas engines; it also produces a nutrient-rich digestate which can be used as fertiliser.

While the UK continues to send approximately one third of the food it buys to landfill, Granville Ecopark is breaking this cycle by producing ‘clean energy’ from food waste.

CDEnviro sends all its food waste to Granville Ecopark, creating the first link in the circular economy cycle. ISL Waste Management collects and delivers the food waste from CDEnviro to Granville Ecopark, to undergo the energy from waste process.

The CHP plant in Dungannon, County Tyrone, uses advanced technology to generate clean energy in the most effective way possible. With this in mind, the company invested in a CDEnviro system – the MSU:10 – in 2013 to remove the residual plastics from its AD tanks. By removing these plastics, Granville Ecopark has ensured the greatest capacity in its digesters and therefore maximum biogas production. Crucially, this has allowed the Granville Ecopark to achieve BSI PAS 110 as a result of their quality protocol. Previously these materials would have been considered a waste product.

Shane Doherty, Performance Manager at Granville Ecopark said, “Our investment in this technology reflects our sustainable approach and our commitment to ensuring the most state-of-the-art facilities for anaerobic digestion. We believe that waste is a resource, so together with CDEnviro it’s great that we can set an example of what a circular economy should look like.”

This technology can be applied to a wide range of applications, including grit recovery and sludge screening.

For more information on optimising AD processes, get in contact with us: info@cdenviro.com.

To hear more about Granville Ecopark and their services, visit www.granvilleecopark.com.

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