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Allianz rewards effective HAV Management

Allianz, which provides general insurance to a number of industries has acknowledged that an auditable, accurate and tamper proof HAV management solution not only better protects employees but also protects the reputations and balance sheets of organisations.

Allianz Insurance recognises the Reactec HAVmeter solution as an example of best practice in terms of HAVS management. In turn Allianz customers are being given a special discount on the HAVS management solution and are advised to contact their broker.

Construction companies are being advised of the potential rewards and benefits of having the right health and safety precautions in place to protect their staff, for example against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Companies that demonstrate preventative measures in vibration safety can receive support in reducing company exposure to HAVS claims and potentially insurance premiums.

Reactec, which is responsible for the HAVmeter solution streamlines accurate monitoring and management of operator exposure to vibrations from hand held power tools. The Vibration specialists are now one of insurance giant Allianz’s preferred suppliers regarding appropriate health and safety measures in the workplace.

Craig McLaughlin, Casualty Risk Control Manager, at Allianz said: "Managing and not just monitoring vibration is important and if not done accurately can have serious consequences. Companies need to be aware that by not having the right procedure in place, they are running the risk of losing money and damaging their reputation if a situation was to arise. Industries who use power tools should be managing HAVS risk effectively. "

"Risk management is an integral part of running a business. If businesses do not give employees the right tools to use in terms of health and safety, the employer could be legally liable, which can lead to employees taking legal proceedings against their employer.

"Jim O’Hagan, Managing Director at Reactec said: "We are delighted to be one of Allianz’s preferred suppliers which is a real stamp of approval for the HAVmeter solution. It shows that companies can have auditable systems for HAVS safety management procedures."

"Many companies within the industry are unaware of the issues they could be subjected to by not taking the right precautions in terms of staff health and safety. Having this type of association with Allianz has given added credibility to the HAVmeter and can only raise further awareness for the need to improve HAV management."

The HAVmeter solution is the UK’s leading system for monitoring and managing vibration exposure and, in addition to being offered by major tool hire firms, it’s used by many of the country’s biggest construction, engineering, public sector and manufacturing companies including Balfour Beatty, Bam Nuttall Tarmac, Aston Martin, and the Environment Agency.

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