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MGR calls for safety first as it launches new hydraulics range

A Midlands hydraulics specialist is calling for industry hazards to be more widely acknowledged as it expands its product range with the launch of its new accumulator safety blocks, which are immediately available from stock.

MGR Fluid Power, which designs and manufactures high quality hydraulic and lubrication systems and components, has manufactured the new range to comply with relevant safety standards including DIN EN982, together with tamper proof relief valves that conform to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. As the company takes the blocks to market, it is keen to remind hydraulic operators of the importance of working safely with high pressure hydraulics.

The company’s Managing Director, Mike Retford, commented: “It is bizarre to think that during a time when the manufacturing sector is striving to be more health and safety conscious, unsafe and potentially dangerous use of high pressure hydraulic tools is still a frequent occurrence across the sector. Unreliable extensions, connecting low pressure tools to high pressure tools, and careless operation of hydraulic devices are still common and create unnecessary risks. Our new safety block range is designed to provide an immediate shut off function in case of accumulator malfunction or as a result of poor maintenance.”

To be effective, hydraulic systems must store fluid under high pressures, typically 300 bar or more. One hazard comes from removing or adjusting components without releasing the pressure. Pressure can rise due to increasing accumulator gas pressure caused by fire or local heating.

MGR’s safety block range includes a vent down valve that can be deployed for system depressurisation before hydraulic maintenance, as well as a fast acting relief valve that prevents excessive hydraulic pressure. The valve protects both the accumulator and the pipework in the event of over-pressurisation. The entire range has been designed and manufactured to be used with various types of accumulators including bladder, piston, and diaphragm.

Mike Retford believes that the products are an integral component to the safety of an overall system and can literally be a lifesaving investment.

He concluded: “Fitting a safety block to a hydraulic system is essential in keeping it within the parameters of safe operation. Hydraulics can be dangerous when not operated properly and number of injuries or near misses from hydraulics still often go unreported. Installing accumulator safety blocks, regularly maintaining systems, and training staff efficiently on hydraulics safety will go a long way to reducing accidents associated with hydraulics across all industrial sectors”

The safety block range has been launched following the successful recent launch of MGR Fluid Power’s hydraulic filter components, which reduce the risk of contamination in hydraulic systems, and can lead to more effective system maintenance and safety.

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