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ByBox Field Support, the in night logistics and field service specialist, has expanded its service offering with the launch of QuickFix. The service will be carried out in ByBox’ dedicated Repair Centre and allows testing and repair of items before they go back into good stock.

QuickFix is geared up to do ‘low level’ repairs such as changing rollers on a printer or a simple fix on a cash drawer. If no faults are found with an item, ByBox can return it back into good stock quickly with a ‘No Fault Found’ label.

The QuickFix operation is currently processing approximately 3000 items a month with the figure set to double in the next few months. The service shortens repair loop times and reduces repair spend.

Additionally, by allowing ByBox’ fully trained workforce of repair technicians to provide full repair, refurbishment and screening services, companies can reduce the stock holding in their warehouses, increase their working capital and reduce the amount spent on new-buy stock.

ByBox is also looking to implement a Warranty/Return Material Authorisation (RMA) service, meaning that when they process an item for return, it will be checked to see if it is still within the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is, it will be allocated an RMA number. The RMA number authorises the return of the item and its replacement, saving the customer considerable time and effort as they do not have to chase the manufacturer for the RMA number themselves.

The whole process integrates with ByBox’ Thinventory™ platform which gives complete visibility as to the stage of repair a customer’s part is at.

Fujitsu are currently using the QuickFix service. Kevin Harper, their Repair Manager commented, "In Q4 2010, Fujitsu Supply & Lifecycle Services (SLS) commenced exploratory discussions with ByBox to create a Generic IT Repair screen out process in the ByBox main hub in Coventry. Historically this type of process has provided repair cost savings of more than 40% plus up to two days off the repair turnaround time and further reductions in unnecessary transport costs".

"Once we had agreed to proceed, the facility and process were in place in short order, with the new business up and running before Christmas. The process is performing to both parties’ expectations and Fujitsu are now looking to increase the products passing through ByBox screen out three fold".

"The ByBox management team took on and implemented this complex process professionally and with a very impressive pace."

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