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A clearview from B and B on Lift Tek Elecar Masts

Now forklift truck drivers can have an uninterrupted view of their loads and what is in front of them following the launch of the Lift-Tek Elecar Clearview Mast F Series from B&B Attachments, the UK's leading supplier for masts and forklift attachments. Providing added safety from accidents and collisions, the Clearview mast is a welcome addition to the Lift-Tek Elecar range that includes over eighty different mast types designed for all known lift truck applications.

In a standard Duplex or Triple Full free Lift masts, the free chains and cylinder can run up the centre of the mast and driver visibility can be impaired. With the new Lift-Tek Elecar Clearview mast, the free lift cylinders are positioned on the inside edge of the inner channel assembly, providing the operator a clear view through the mast as if it was a standard non-free lift mast.

Available in capacities of 8000kg/600mm and 8000kg/900mm, the Clearview mast is obtainable in both Duplex and Triplex design. Lift heights range as standard from 3450mm to 5650mm for Duplex full free lift and 4900mm to 8400mm lift height for Triplex full free lift, however within the Triplex range lift heights of up to 10000mm are also available. The range is also available in capacities from 1500kg to 3000kg in the same four-cylinder design with lift heights up to 9000mm depending on model type. Mast width does depend on truck model and all masts come with options on carriage width, integral side shift, fork positioner and extra hydraulics for operating attachments.

Lift-Tek Elecar has been manufacturing masts to the highest standards for more than 25 years. Part of the Lifteknologies Group, the group manufactures just over 20,000 masts a year with 5000 being manufactured by Lift-Tek Elecar in Italy.

B&B Attachments has been the UK and Ireland distributor for lift mast manufacturer, Lift-Tek Elecar, since 1981 and has a range of masts capable of meeting the mounting requirements for some 600 different models of lift truck. The company has established a firm base for the Lift-Tek Elecar products and developed an in-depth knowledge of applications, service and parts for OEMs that have the need to outsource mast supply. Ends

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