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A complete solution for Rutland

In its move to fortnightly waste collections, Rutland County Council teamed up with Cory to search for a complete solution to their waste needs.

The new system will see leading waste management company Otto UK provide a complete solution for the county – both the bins and the lifters which empty them into the vehicles.

Rutland has had a wheeled-bin system since the mid '90s when households were given one bin for landfill material. No recycling option was available except for a small proportion of Oakham homes allocated coloured bags to split paper and plastic materials. The only other option for residents was to use recycling banks at sites around the county.

More bins are being added to give each household three coloured wheeled bins: dark grey is for residual waste (non-recyclable) light grey for recyclables; and green bins currently in use will be used for garden waste, ensuring the most is made of their service life. Households that already home compost (Rutland is a rural area) or do not have a garden, can opt out of green bin collections.

The colours were chosen with the visually impaired in mind, as well as for their aesthetics, and Cory is contracted by Rutland County Council, a unitary authority, to organise the collection and disposal of the county's waste.

Chris Minnis, Cory's project manager, said: “We've had the Rutland contract since 1993 and we'd like to think that we know the area very well by now.

“A successful early-introduction took place at the RAF base in Cottesmore where households adopted the new system in early January this year. There were very few complaints or problems, of which all were minor and 99.9% of people in the trials gave a positive response to the new system.”

Otto UK is part of the Environmental Solutions Europe conglomerate, with its UK headquarters in Coalville.

“The relationship we have with Otto works well,” added Chris Minnis. “We've had one point of contact for the whole contract. They've been straightforward to work with from day one and being fairly local has also helped.”

“Otto's reputation in the waste management industry is very well regarded and the quality of the products is extremely high,” added Chris. “Their prices are also competitive, which is obviously a factor in such a roll-out”

Households in Rutland were delivered two 240-litre Otto wheeled bins and distribution of bins was completed during the first week of April.

Councillor Janine Rodger, responsible for recycling, commented: “We've publicised the changes widely through a variety of media and the feedback we've had from residents has been good. We organised a series of roadshows, which we took round the county to explain the system, all of which were well attended.

“We took the trouble to set up a specialised website for recycling in Rutland ahead of the new collections so it's been easy for residents to find information about the new scheme. Adding newspaper and magazine coverage has ensured that everyone in Rutland has been informed.”

Cory's Mike Lowe, contract manager, said: “With an increase in the number of bins being provided, it might be assumed that the fleet of vehicles would also increase, but this isn't the case.

“The lorries will not be making more trips. They'll be picking up more from each property. Effectively, residents receive a two-for-one service.”

Rutland is the smallest county in the UK comprising approximately 16,000 homes and covering an area of 147 square miles. There are two towns, Oakham and Uppingham. The rest of the county is formed by a number of villages and hamlets, many of which surround Rutland Water, a man-made lake similar in size to Lake Windermere.

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