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A high-capacity lightweight: Nest S5 – the nestable plastic pallet by Cabka-IPS

Cabka-IPS, the supplier of sustainable plastic pallets and boxes is adding the Nest S5 to its product range. The nestable pallet has an extra large contact surface: its 1200 by 1200 millimetres shape provides space for six units with standard modular dimensions (600 x 400 millimetres) per layer.
This means that the Nest S5 can hold 20 percent more goods than an industrial pallet – or 50 percent more goods than a Euro pallet. This saves a great deal of space, which also makes it much cheaper to transport goods. This special dimension also offers sufficient surface area for transporting 200 litre kegs.

Because of its height of just 140 millimetres, very little space is needed for storing empty nestable pallets. It’s also a genuine lightweight: The HDPE Nest S5 weighs in at a mere eleven kilogrammes and the PO plastic export pallet is only slightly heavier. Despite its low weight the pallet still has a dynamic load capacity, depending on its specific design, of up to 2,400 kilogrammes. The pallet comes with an open or closed deck. A five millimetre-high safety rim ensures that loads do not slip during transport. Alongside the nestable model with nine feet, the Nest S5 is also optionally available with three or six skids, which means it can also be block stacked.

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