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A high speed door solution to a high speed wind problem

Klimate High Speed Doors, a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of Ardent high speed doors based in the UK, have manufactured, supplied and installed a high speed door at Lloyds Animal Feeds Ltd's mill in Shropshire.

Lloyds Animal Feeds are an independent animal feed producer operating throughout the UK, who have improved their production facility with the addition of an Ardent high speed door. The new door completes an investment in improving and extending one of the animal feed loading bays within the Shropshire mill.

The need to control the build up of wind through the extended loading bay and maintain a hygienic working environment led to the decision to install the Ardent high speed door.

Mark Roberts from Lloyds had to ensure that any investment would assist in the help control of any environmental concerns with airborne particles and pollution. After researching the various options available the solution was to invest in a high speed door. “The Ardent high speed door has proved to have excellent wind resistance and was the most likely to meet both the wind and pollution criteria” comments Mark Roberts

With adjustable opening and closing speeds of up to 2 metres per second, depending on the size of the door, the fast acting operation of the Ardent range is attractive to companies such as Lloyd's as the doors can prevent the influx of wind.

Whilst also allowing companies to achieve an uninterrupted and uninhibited flow of traffic, the heavy duty PVC curtain acts not only as a barrier to wind but also helps the door to be used for numerous other applications and can benefit most factory environments by reducing heat loss to provide valuable energy savings.

Due to the simplistic nature of the door and the fact that Klimate engineers are able to train the customer's own maintenance personnel on the workings of the door, any minimal maintenance work can be quickly and easily undertaken in-house, drastically reducing on-going costs. Also having a technical support team means that any simple fault can be resolved via a phone call. Therefore minimising on going repair and maintenance costs.

Chris Halsall from Klimate commented: “In order for Lloyd's Animal Feed's to understand the benefits of the high speed door we ensured that the key factors were identified and demonstrated”. In return Mark from Lloyd's comments: “We chose Klimate High Speed Doors due to their ability to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price and we have not been disappointed”.

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